Monday, December 5, 2011

The Condo, Trolls, and Taking Control of Comment Threads

My last post left off quoting Levi as  saying Bristol bought her condo, with cash, in 2009. Research today tells me Levi is mistaken about the date. It was early in 2010 that she moved to Anchorage and furnished a condo with money she earned by being "a hard worker" (cough, cough).

Once again,  while digging around on the Internet, I uncovered some interesting old stuff. Things that support us Truthers in saying that the Palins are liars, and are NOT a "normal family" and Bristol is NOT a "normal girl. "  (This is as good for Truthers and it is for the Palin-bots and trolls who visit here.)

According to Palingates, October 2009, Sarah had to file a financial disclosure for the period she was in office in 2009.  On that form, she had to say how many dependents and she said “Three.”  Palingates ran through the variations of which of Sarah's five kids were included in the three dependents.  It's pretty clear now that Bristol (underschooled, unwed, mother of an infant, teenaged daughter of a celebrity) had already made so much money in the first months of 2009 that she was "independent." (The other independent child would have been the oldest son Track, who was in the army.)

We later learned of the obscene amount of money Candies Corportation offered Bristol to be a spokesperson. She first appeared in May, 2009. And perhaps Bristol was paid, (also, too), by SarahPAC or Pie Spy LLC (Sarah started in April, 2009). 

Contrast the hard-facts reality of a filed government document indicating Bristol is financially independent by the time she graduated high school -  with this interview she gave sold to People magazine when she graduated  walked across the stage at the Wasilla class of 2009 graduation:

Bristol gets up—usually twice during the night—to feed Tripp, who sleeps in a hand-me-down crib in her bedroom, She pays for diapers and formula by working part-time. And while her parents help a lot, she shops for the whole family's groceries and does the laundry. ... With enough prepregnancy credits built up, Bristol took just two courses—one in "financial literacy," the other in physical education—her last semester. This allowed the teen to juggle a part-time job at a cafe, plus babysitting for other families ($10/hour) while her father, grandmother or one of her aunts babysat Tripp. She admits it is "kind of impossible" to buy all the diapers and formula herself, but she's trying her best. "I don't like having my parents have to pay," she says. "It's punishment enough feeling the guilt of having them help me out financially." Asked how long she'll live with her parents, she shakes her head. "That's a good question." 

Awe, the crib is a "hand-me-down."  Guess Trig had out grown it.

Hey, Palin-bots, this is why we don't cotton to being told we have wild imaginations, or we are haters, or we don't know what we are talking about.  Somebody lied here. You choose - Bristol for saying on June 1, 2009 that  her parents are her financial support, or Sarah for saying that from Jan - July 2009 she didn't financially support Bristol. Doesn't matter to us Truthers. Either way, it's just another example of Palins being liars.

Here's a little more, just because...

Remember seeing Bristol, this unremarkable teenager nearly frozen in front of the camera in February, 2009,  whimpering to Greta  about sleepless nights and needing her parent’s help to buy diapers and formula?  That looked like a "normal" unwed teen mom, didn't it? The struggle! The poverty! What will the future hold?  Babysitting? Working part-time?

The joke was on us, folks. She was the recipient of a ton of free stuff from people all over the world according to good old Chuck Heath (bless his heart). That man just can't keep his mouth shut. He told Grandparent’s dot com in December, 2008:

[There's] all kinds of gifts laying around the place — all kinds of baby stuff. I’m in a room right now just full of baby stuff — more than she'll ever use.
GP[ interviewer] : From all over the country?

CH: All over the world. I'd say a half-dozen foreign countries. In Sarah's mailroom, there's 87 boxes — big boxes of mail that haven't even been opened. I've been answering letters all day, all week. We figure there's over a hundred thousand pieces here. And we'll never get it done. We're just inundated.

Did you notice there was NOT ONE MENTION of the generosity or support of "real Americans" that her mother courts endlessly?  No "thank you." No admission that she was the recipient of many more gifts than any "normal" new mom - teen or not.  What a selfish, ungrateful girl.
Normal family? Please. Hard working and scraping to by diapers?  Give me a break. 
I'm sure that cousin who eBay'd the pair of red Naughty Monkey pumps of Sarah's could have helped list the hundreds of gifts sitting in the Heaths side room. Then again, maybe this stuff did get sold on eBay. How would we know?

We can be pretty sure that, just like spilling the beans that the baby was going to come December 20, Chuck messed up by saying there were more baby gifts than she'd ever use.  How can we be sure? Because NO ONE ELSE ever, ever, ever even hinted at that. It was clearly NOT to be mentioned. Not even by Bristol with a humble "thank you" to the public.  It would have detracted from the image, the Bristol brand that her mother was shaping and has now been copyrighted. Bristol the poor, hardworking unwed teen mom.  A huge storeroom of gifts doesn't fit the picture. Chuck, sit down and shut up!
No, my dear Palin-bots, these are not "normal" people.  And don't tell us we don't "know" the Palins.  We know them by the fruit of their "labor" and the choices they make. 
The Bible Sarah claims to love, says in Matthew 7:16 "By their fruits ye shall know them."  The fruit of Sarah Palin's spirit (and those of her family) clearly lets us know them.  Their fruit is listed among the bad fruit, (kind of like Santa's naughty or nice list -  this is the good fruit or bad fruit list)  taken from Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible: .... to get money, and gain applause, to serve their own interests, and gratify men's lusts and passions.

Sounds like the Palins to me. If Sarah wants to use her Christianity as a public stand upon which people are asked to vote for her then it's fair game to use scripture to judge her. Bristol has done the same with her Christian-backed published memoir and her talk-show parade of networks both Christian and secular. She has made herself a spokesperson for her faith. So be it.   "They may be easily discerned who they are, and from whence they come." The Jewish people have a proverb pretty much like this "a gourd is known by its branches".

Oh yes, trolls, we do KNOW the Palins. And from now on, comments that have nothing to offer other than repeating that we don't know Bristol, or the family, or Sarah, or Sally or whoever - such comments will be deleted when I see them. They take up space. They waste readers' time.   If you have something factual to post, then please do. Differences of opinions are still very much welcome.


Dis Gusted said...

Lovin' you site Allison.

Yes, Bristol bragged about purchasing her new condo in the Harper Bazaar spread where she and Willow wore evening gowns and fed cake to the babies.

However, there is some hanky panky with the ownership claim. Thinkin' it was Thomas Van Flein who actually purchased the condo using SarahPAC funds...or something like that. Palingates covered it at the time. They disclosed the transaction papers - the condo sold for $272K.

Weird that Levi didn't get that date right either. I think that boy is so confused because the Palins have lied soooo much.

He never caught up to the truth after Bristol aged a year and a half overnight in 2008.

Dis Gusted said...

Let me add that IMO, the three dependents were Bristol, Willow and Piper.

TriG and Tripp were not part of the equation. Track was over 18. If Bristol was really born in 1991 as some sites proclaim, then she would still have been a dependent minor in 2009, no matter how much $$ she scammed.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me I read that Bristol was selling a load of that donated baby stuff sent to her by loving fans of her mother on E-Bay.

Anonymous said...

here is old faced Bristol playing the part of Mother Nature in a video....ROFL Maybe that paid well???!

Anonymous said...

"With enough prepregnancy credits built up, Bristol took just two courses—one in "financial literacy," the other in physical education—her last semester."

more outright lies and pure BS. Like mother, like daughter... SP attended school in HI for a few weeks... She did one semester at Idaho before transferring to community college in AK. There she completed one semester. She then returned to Idaho for 3 semesters and got a degree????? No proof of a degree....maybe an Associates considering she went to school for what amounts to 2 years total.

Bristol attended HS as a freshman in what, 20067???? dropped out in 2007 - claims to have been schooled online along with Levi and only needed two courses to graduate??? One was physical education???? In our schools, PE is only 1 credit, not 3 or 4 like Math or English.

My rule of thumb with the Palins - if they say it, it's a lie. Look for the opposite in everything and all things Palin.

Anonymous said...

Even at one point on camera Todd referred to their financial problems, basically stating that is why Sarah quit as govenor. Do you think they have gambling debts and are part of all the under ground gambling in Wasilla? Do you think they have anything to do with Bill Allen's mess?

Allison said...

Actually, Anon@4:09 I think Todd was playing for the pity of the fools who sent money to the Governor's Legal Defense Fun, I know calling them fools is mean, but come on - the fund turned out to be illegal - and who sent money to Sarah and Todd that themselves earned anywhere near the $13 million she earned that year with her book. Not one millionaire in the bunch, I'll betcha!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Levi gets a lot of dates in the timeline wrong, regarding Bristol and his own life.

That's what happens when you write a purely fictional piece of trash and seek to make you seem better than you are.

Anonymous said...

What's does 'bristol aged a year and a half overnight in 08' mean?

Levis book is pretty fictional from the start. It has nothing to do with the Palins. He wasn't around Bristol after jan 09. Its not too weird he gets so many things wrong. What is weird is that Gryphen once said in early 2010 that HOUR new abt Bristols condo before levi and levi doubted bristol had it.
That makes me think levi had very little to do with his book.

We do know whoever wrote DITH plagiarized Blind Allegiance though and borrowed from specific blog posts. This tells me levi wrote the parts solely abt him and they wrote the rest to make him look like an incredible boy. Ugh, levi, why can't you just behonest like you once were. You are a redneck who would rather be hunting than in school (check), you had a slick willy problem (check), you fell for the wiles of tank and rex and deeply regret it (hopefully).

Its pretty sad you aimed to make bristol look bad. That puts you at her level. She's the one who has been employed this whole time, she's the one who defended your thugass to her family all those "years". Her book tried to make you look good. It could have described who you really were.

Hey levi, if you were so close to her family, why weren't the rest of them at your 18th bday celebration? The whole family (both families) celebrated willows bf's bday this years. Hmmmm Liar.

Anonymous said...

To disgusted, Tripp would have had to be listed on someones taxes. There was no reason bristol was a dependent. She had a fulltime job bylate spring and a parttime one before. She also started working at the derm office that summer, which upped her earnings.

Btw this is all pointless. Just pointing that out. Allison can't admit to herself that shell never know these people she's never met. Maybe she should take a lead from KL or WH who are text buddies with the kids and have hung out with them in AK. They met through political events and are famous "bots".

The palins are gracious to anyone who doesn't fabricate stories or irrationally judge them. That is normal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:46, remember the blue hat tripp was wearing that said "wasilla ak"? That was sent by a famous bot. I'm sure you can guess.

Let's not make up stories where we "swear" we hear that so and so ....

That is prcisely why there are so many ridiculous lies and slanderous statements in existence today.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Bristol attended WHS 05-06 as a freshman.

WHS fall 06 as a soph
J-D spring 07 as a soph
WHS fall 07 as a jr
Anch spring 08 as a jr
Those are factual details.

She took BYU credits her Jr year on top of HS

She took classes some place in Anch other than west high during spring 08.

She also made over 2000 bucks at a coffee shop in 08, which had to be in the first part of the year. She obviously wasn't bored.

Anonymous said...

In that andrea mitchell dillingham interview, todd referenced the lawsuits and them costing the state money. He couldve been really talking abt them. That is the only time he referencing money issues.

Didn't they purchased the extra land plot in june 09? She received her book advance before she quit.

Anonymous said...

Hints that someone us lying.

Some of levis comments, verbatim:

"Shed say 'bring me my retarded baby."

"Where's my retarded baby?"

He then changed his tune to "I don't want the retarded one"

In 09, he stumbled over defending those specific comments and answering whether they're true.

All the Palins and extended family react strongly to usage of the R word and none of them respected/liked levi from about aug 2009 on. (Proven in writing from at least 8 different people) some of them cite his "retarded" lie.

This is only further proof that everyone has their own selfish agenda and it is pointless to dissect anything. Palingates made a name out of twisting things to fit their agenda. Gryphen reportts every lie he's heard, big or small. Tiny, defunct blogs continually prove their ignorance and bias, while stalking their prey.

We can't construe anything from events, as we have no firsthand info. And many alaskans have already proven they have no qualms with lying.

Let's be real. Blogs don't change public opinion. People by nature are selfish and wrapped up in their worlds. No one gives two shits about other ppls drama.

Why do we bother to dissect once-spoken comments when they don't matter and arelong forgotten by even the subject? The process of personal evolution is the only thing that's constant.

Its time to live OUR lives and not others'.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you trolls- we know what we know about the Palins because THEY put it out there in books, video and "commentary". They aren't exactly shy about sharing their personal lives. They are like any other "personalities", except with frightening influence over politics- frightening because it's so ill-informed.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 11:40 said, "Maybe when the Palins give their annual gifts of charity, locally and nationally, they will say a prayer for all the hateful people."

And I will say a prayer that, with all the blessings they have received, they will actually be generous this year. Records from prior years show that this "devoutly religious" family doesn't believe in tithing (or donating even 1% of their earnings).

Allison said...

It's greatly amusing that some of the longest rants are from people telling the rest of us what a waste of time this all is.

Anonymous said...

You've really hit a nerve Allison. I wish they were as considerate of saying things about other people as they are defensive of what people say of them. I've never seen a group of family and worshiper's so hateful of things said about any Palin! Do they think we are so gullible to believe anything they say is real.It's like watching a bunch of Jr High girls claw each others eyes out. If they don't want people to talk they better learn to shut their mouths. They will do and say anything for attention. It doesn't matter if it's the truth or's for attention and no one is to question them! Dumb! So funny, they don't think they should be held accountable for anything.And they think we should all bow down to them for this? That we would want any of them to represent us to the world.

We want someone that will look out for us and keep us safe, we don't need an idol running the country. Someone educated, polite, who will be able to talk with people and have an educated response. If we want to watch a self-centered star, we can turn on our TV or go to a movie. A REAL movie or show that has a story that doesn't focus just on them.

No politician or family members need to go before us and pretend to be decent. Their record of their schooling,how they have treated people all their life, how they raise their family and treat their children tells us what kind of people they are. Friends that aren't ashamed to tell their names to give testimonials of their virtues and they themselves are trustworthy, means something. Teachers, professors, clergy, successful professionals, neighbors, and responsible family. Records and testimonials is how people who never met someone personally, is how we judge a person. Not photos in rag magazines, talking to all the press, not restraining people to record or photograph you in public or speeches, to be interviewed by all the press, not a one way conversation in front of a camera in your home set up by one news source. You are not just represented by only people you like or paying you, but by everyone. If you run for public office, you need to be accessible by the public. It's not about you personally, but what you will bring to the tablle to represent everyone. Politics is not a photo-op or style show. If you want to win a beauty contest, do it. We are interested in your abilities to represent all the people. If you want to have a religious belief...fine, just don't expect everyone to have your same beliefs. Go to church to be with those of your same beliefs. Learn to seperate your spiritual beliefs from your political beliefs, please, like our Constitution states. If you treat others like you want others to treat you, you might be someone to lead. If it's just about you, find another job. And no one wants to vote for someone who is going to quit before the job is done. If one quits, don't expect respect from that point on. We the People, want someone who will look out for everyone and don't have to live under fear. If you want to be a bully, go into another line of work and let those that want to serve, lead.

We don't "hate" Sarah and her family, we just don't think she is qualified to lead our country or recommend anyone either. She hasn't shown the knowledge to make an endorsement of anyone else either. She only thinks of herself. And Sarah, most people want someone with good morals to lead us.

Mrs Gunka

MC3031 said...

Clap Clap Clap, Mrs. Gunka!

Beautifully stated.

conscious at last said...

Hooray for Mrs. Gunka! Right On! :-))
Now, as for you Granny-

You need to look up the definition of "defunct."

Here, I'll give you a hint:

'We need not discuss Sarah Palin's defunct political career.'

Anonymous said...

Gunka says it all!

My family would have absolute horrors over the way the Palins live their lives. Education is paramount and social decorum comes in a close second.

I realize that the low class folks that love the Palins love them BECAUSE they are not socially acceptable people, but really, Amercia does not need a family that cannot operate within acceptable social norms leading the way during these tough times.

GinaM said...

That's what happens when you write a purely fictional piece of trash and seek to make you seem better than you are.

December 5, 2011 11:42 PM

I have to totally agree with you on this statement...Gov Dirty Wig...."Going Rogue" fits this to a "T"!

GinaM said...

Btw this is all pointless. Just pointing that out. Allison can't admit to herself that shell never know these people she's never met. Maybe she should take a lead from KL or WH who are text buddies with the kids and have hung out with them in AK. They met through political events and are famous "bots".

The palins are gracious to anyone who doesn't fabricate stories or irrationally judge them. That is normal.
December 5, 2011 11:57 PM

Gov Dirty....aren't you tired of saying the same ole shit about your fucked up family? You nor your family are "gracious" or "normal" know your whole family including yourself are never going to be "GOOD ENOUGH"....NEVER!

You are a family of diseased, uneducated, racist grifters...deep down under that dirty wig in that pea brain of yours the part that hasn't been pickled by alcohol and drugs knows this...that's why you go on the anti Palin blogs weaving your fantasy about your family.

Dirty...your kids can't stand you and neither do the voters...that's why you are back in Wasilla, Alaska....and there you will stay. So go right ahead and speak your word salad on FAUX from your pathetic little studio....AMERICA HAS GOT YOUR NUMBER....GOVERNOR DIRTY WIG!

GinaM said...

Anonymous said...

In that andrea mitchell dillingham interview, todd referenced the lawsuits and them costing the state money. He couldve been really talking abt them. That is the only time he referencing money issues.

Uh oh Dirty...did you forget about the Toad telling that Alaskan woman at the Iowa fair that you quit because of the "lawsuits"? TSK TSK...I forgot I was talking to an alcoholic...probably had a blackout during that time!

GinaM said...

And Mrs Gunka...... are the best! I LOVE reading your comments!

Bill in Baltimore said...

Luv you Mrs Gunka...always spot on.
Thanks Allison and all others that keep this story going.

Anonymous said...

GinaM -- you are a breath of fresh air!!! I love your posts!!!

Southern Virginia Voter

Anonymous said...

Gunka 2012 !!!!!

'nuff said.

Love, SunnyVee

Anonymous said...

Allison- responded to your comment on the Mrs. Gunka remembers a video of Bristol and Tripp.

It's shitfire aka anon 4:32 pm.

telah said...

Is anon at 6:06 shitfire/anon 432?

AKRNHSNC said...

Standing ovation, Mrs. G!

Allison said...

Anon@6:06 You made a great point, yet it didn't show up as a comment, so I cut and pasted it for everyone to have access to your wisdom!


Ivyfree said...

"Hints that someone us lying.
Some of levis comments, verbatim:
"Shed say 'bring me my retarded baby."
"Where's my retarded baby?"
He then changed his tune to "I don't want the retarded one"

Yeah, that has to be a lie. Everyone knows that the word "retarded" can only be used once. Nobody would ever vary, "retarded baby" with "retarded one."

Honestly. I don't know if you're really dense enough to think you have some kind of point here, or if you're (mis)judging us by your own personal standards.

"Its time to live OUR lives and not others."

Go right ahead. Nobody here is likely to miss you any.

Dis Gusted said...

I actually remember seeing Chuck bragging about the garage full of gifts that were never opened.

However, the official claim when TriG had his baby shower.....was that his gifts would be donated to military families.

Dis Gusted said...

from the same Bob & Mark Show posted above -

Kris Perry:

I spoke w/Bob. He agrees on the donation and thinks it's great. He brought up the possibility of doing it after the baby is born so the baby would be present as well. He's envisioning ALOT of people, i.e. Egan Center and I'm not too sure about that idea. We'll work out details once time frame is determined.

He also asked again about the live audio recording of the birth and what you thought. A private moment?


Don't want to take this too far. Kinda wish I hadnt had to tell anyone, but crazy to think it could have been hidden long. No- no Egan, and I'm not going to assume this will be as smooth and easy as the other kids' births, so can't imagine inviting in a rock radio microphone.

pffft - spewing drink.....thought it was SOOOO EASY. She was bigger than a cow with all of the children she birthed, but THIS ONE that didn't show was going to be difficult???? She just can't help herself, can she?

Allison said...

Dis Gusted this is soooo interesting! Sarah said she can't assume this will be as smooth and easy as other kid's births and yet she wrote the HEAVENLY FATHER letter in March, saying it was so easy.

Do you know the date of this email to Kris Perry?

Dis Gusted said...

at the link it states the chain e-mail is from March 2008. I'm thinkin' it's around the time she wrote the letter from God.