Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did Britta Wear White?

The Bride wore black.

Remember the May 2011 announcement that Track married his “long-time girlfriend”?  They both wore black (on Britta it hid the pregnancy bump) and carried flowers that looked like a bunch you get at Wal-Mart. Well, there was another part to that announcement. 

More than one website carried this back in May, 2011:

"We look forward to wintertime when Britta and Track will have a formal celebration of their marriage at a ceremony at Alyeska Ski resort," the Palin family added. "The couple chose December 16 for the event, when extended family and friends from the Lower 48 can travel North for a long ski weekend.”  

Do the Palins ever think of anyone other than themselves? My first thought was "hmmm, how unthoughtful to ask people to travel the weekend before Christmas."    Sarah's thoughts were more likely "How long will it take Britta to get her figure back and still be married to Track before the Iowa caucus?"  Hence, the plan to "formalize" the "marriage" on the last not-a major-holiday-weekend of 2011.

Normal people have a lot to do this time of year. People with kids in the lower 48 can't just rip them out of school and go for long ski weekends. Besides, the kids have school programs that they rehearse for and friends and teachers counting on them. But, what am I saying - Palins don't have any respect for education, school or teachers. (Sarah would protest that she was raised by a school teacher, but her reaction to the woman in this video says it all. "What do you do?" she asks. "I'm a teacher," is the reply. Sarah rolls her eyes at Bristol and rocks from side to side with a grimace, silent for a few beats. Then, "Ahhhh," she grunts, as if with pity and scorn.)  They respect free enterprise, though. And the third weekend in December is the time when business people throw their annual parties for clientele and employees and small retail owners have a couple of their busiest and most critical days. 

I've looked for an announcement, a photo, anything that says this celebration took place. Can't find one. Is anyone able to confirm that this "formal celebration of marriage" took place. Or is this another lie to the public - another needless, stupid, Sarah lie that she thought sounded better than the truth? Was this a hoax that got discarded once she announce she wasn't running in the next election? What's the truth?

Maybe we'll see pictures in People magazine next week. Bet they don't pay as much as they used to.

Maybe some journalist should put in a call to Sally Heath's sister in the lower 48. That's how previous Palin family December events were uncovered. 

Actually, I really don't care about Track and Britta except that they probably know the truth about Babygate. For that reason, I will pay them some attention to what they say and do as a test of their personal abilities to tell the truth.  So far, the jury's out.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Allison, you're way out of line with this post. People are becoming way too obsessed with these people. Youre judging them for something you know nothing about. You're calling them selfish when it's not exactly a rarity to have a wedding celebration in mid-Dec. What about all the people who had to fly to Alaska for the other weddings?

You are doing yourself and other Anti-
Palin peeps a great disservice with these posts.

Ivyfree said...

Isn't it thoughtful of an anonymous person to show up and explain what you're doing wrong here, Allison? Common sense would indicate that if you don't agree with the positions of the blogger... you don't hang around to explain what's wrong.

That's what people who have lives do.

Dis Gusted said...

thinking that the wedding may not be actually necessary anymore. It was a surprise announcement to cover for the new arrival (or arrivals). More unknown babies in this family than can be counted.

There was no wedding last spring, there probably wasn't one last weekend.

I will be surprised if pictures really do show up from a formal wedding.

grammy97 said...

@Anonymous at 10:17: I am neither a 'dude' or a 'peep'. I very much appreciate Allison's blog, and the clues she finds and publishes. Your complaints are very immature.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:17 for someone who disagrees with Allison every time she posts it's a puzzlement why you are almost always one of the first to read them and comment. Are you on the SarahPac payroll? Or Pie Spy, LLC?

Allison said...

The Palins could only wish people were still obsessed with them so they could continue making' money. Now the ones most passionate about Sarah and Todd and there clan are the ones writing to the Attorney General, calling the Anchorage Police and signing Shaily Tripp's petition, and putting pressure on the hospital Administration in Mat-Su. You know, obsessed "dudes" like me, Prof. Scharlott, Malia Litman, Shay Tripp, and Laura Novak are reloading. New people are learning about Babygate since The Rogue came out. If new readers want to check out some anti-Palin bloggers there's lots to read out there. Don't forget to dig into the archives of those and Immoral Minority.

Allison said...
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Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about the Palins if they had a wedding or not. But I do see Allison's point. You never know what they say is truthful because they lie so much. I will say that Dec 16 is my wedding anniversary. We have been married 32 yrs. We had a small wedding. I just don't like a lot of attention. That is why we had a small wedding.

Allison said...

Belated but Happy anniversary Anon@3:23!

Anonymous said...

maybe Britta and Track are TriG's real parents???

Britta was out of the country the spring of 2008. She has lived with the Palins for years now. She was given a six figure state job by SP before she even finished high school.

She is allegedly studying to be a nurse. Will she be the first Palin to graduate?

Anonymous said...

It's awful that news is not reported anymore. SP issues a statement that Track and Britta got married and every blog runs with it as the truth.

No marriage certificate - no wedding plans - some Mother's Day flowers split into three bunches and voila - happily married.

It's a good cover job but none of it's real.

Allison said...

Anon@10:30 You aren't the first to raise that. But, Britta and Track are not Trig's parents. That was explored and discarded by the blogs in 2008 and 2009. Britta kept a travelogue on the internet. She didn't birth Trig.

B said...


I don't think Britta was in Spain until late February 2008. She may have been ruled out as Trig's bio mom when we thought he was born in March at the earliest, rather than possibly January. Perhaps she knew she was giving a baby up for adoption and that was why her family arranged for her to go to Spain when she did.

There was also someone who claimed to have seen a picture on someone's blog or website of Trig and a blonde mother; never corroborated, was it?

I don't think we can completely rule out Britta. She was a babysitter for Trig some during the campaign. That suggests she wasn't his bio mom. Would have been too hard on her, imo.

Anonymous said...

I can't rule it out - Britta LIVED at the compound, not with her parents.

She disappears and keeps a log online and that allegedly means she was not pregnant?

If she is the mother, it explains WHY she traveled and WHY Track owed his parents BIG TIME when they forced him to enlist. TriG was born in February, Track enlisted 5 months prior when Britta began to show.

Bristol was also pregnant with Tripp (the first Tripp).

B said...

@Anon3:44. I believe Britta's online log covered her months in Spain, which began in late Feb. (It's been a while since I looked this up. Could be wrong.)

If she gave birth to Trig, it would have been before she "disappeared" to live abroad. Very unlikely, but maybe not impossible. And you are right: that would mean Bristol could have had Tripp#1 and Tank could have been telling the truth.

Allison said...

These comments put forth some interesting possibilities. If anyone can find links to pictures of the blond haired mom, I'll post them.

I'm open to any possibility.