Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shailey Tripp Hires Forensics Expert to Examine Electronic Evidence in Prostitution Case Where Police Discounted Stories of Palin Involvement

Press Release sent to me an hour ago.


SHAILEY TRIPP hires noted forensic expert to examine electronic property seized by police

COVINGTON, LA: Shailey Tripp, the 37-year-old former licensed massage therapist embroiled in a sex scandal involving the husband of former Vice Presidential candidate and FOX news pundit Sarah Palin, has hired a well known private investigator to determine whether computers and cell phones believed to contain evidence of her affair with Todd Palin may have been tampered with while in the custody of the Anchorage Police Department (APD) in Anchorage, Alaska.

  “I have instructed my attorney to submit all of my electronic property, including cell phones, to Colorado Springs P.I. Ed Opperman and his Nevada based digital forensic company, Accurate Information Recovery Inc.,” Tripp said, adding, “My expectation is that he will be able to recover substantial evidence of my relationship with Todd and corroborate what I have been saying about Todd's prostitution activities.”


look forward to examining the material in question," , adding, "Once my examination is complete the report will be made available to Ms. Tripp for her to do as she wishes. We have no political stake or opinion in the matter. This is just an impartial search for the truth."
  When Tripp was arrested for prostitution by the APD in March 2010, officers seized a sizeable amount of electronic gear and paper documentation that Tripp has maintained contain evidence of a prostitution ring that included Todd Palin and other powerful figures in Alaska. When her case was dismissed last June, Judge Pamela Washington ordered that all of Tripp’s property be returned to her. After battling the APD for several months the department finally returned some of her property but not all.

  In an effort to gain the return of her remaining property Tripp has file a complaint with APD’s Internal Affairs Division and the Municipal Ombudsman. Then on November 30 Judge Washington took the unusual step of issuing a new order to the Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor and APD, giving the agencies ten days to comply or be held in contempt.

  Opperman will examine the electronic equipment that has been returned to Trip so far. “A big part of Mr. Opperman’s job will be to determine of any of my property was tampered with while it was in the APD’s possession. Detective McKinnon assured me that it had not been examined.”

  Tripp has ample reason to be concerned after learning that an APD officer, Lt. Dave Parker, issued a misleading press release at the specific request of Sarah Palin lawyer John Tiemessen. The release, which coincided with a planned National Enquirer expose about Todd, stated that APD had examined Tripp’s property and found no mention of Todd Palin. The Palins used this press release to discredit the Enquirer story and the tabloid decided not to pursue the story. Parker later admitted to blogger/lawyer Malia Litman that the department had not thoroughly examined the property and therefore could not exclude Todd as being tied to Tripp.

  Tripp has asked APD Internal Affairs to examine whether Parker acted improperly in issuing the press release. Internal Affairs has so far not responded to her request.

Tripp’s documentation is part of a book she is writing about her life story, including her involvement with Todd Palin. Because she has received threats, she is taking no chances with her material. “I put all the other evidence such as notebooks, calendars, appointments books, receipts, gift certificates, client forms, and other materials in a secure location,” she said. “I have taken the added step of making multiple copies and saving them in several locations physcially and on the Internet."




Anonymous said...

Does this mean she has not received it yet? What if they say they have lost it? I don't trust the police. Until she has custody of, I guess anything can happen. Good luck to Shailey. I am so glad she is pursuing this!

Mrs Gunka

Anonymous said...

She has stated and shown proof on her own blog as well as Immoral Minority's blog she did recieve items from the police. They were sent to her lawyers office. The lawyer went over everything and is now sending items to forensics.

Anonymous said...

There are pictures of her recieving things back from the police on IM

Anonymous said...

Good luck Shailey. I wouldn't be surprised they erased some things. It really is something that they would protect a ring leader yet nail the gal who could damage him and his wife. I wouldn't be surprised his wife didn't know what was going on. Maybe she was getting some of the money.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Palin keeps mentioning Shailey in the public spotlight I am surprised this story hasn't taken off like wildfire. Let's see palin mentioned it on a radio talk show, on Greta, and now on Hannity. What will Sarah say tonight?

Ivyfree said...

Yeah, I wonder who thinks Sarah's still important enough to conceal this as news? Is she so unimportant that it doesn't matter? Or so important (to somebody) that she must be protected? Boy, I bet the tuna cans are flying at the Palin Compound, and Sarah's doubled up on her meds!

I'm so glad Shailey's pursuing this.

conscious at last said...

We are looking at this from the SP angle, because many of us are concerned with exposing her lies.

However, this story touches some other sensitive issues as well as some possibly powerful interests.
Remember, this wasn't simply a run of the mill prostitution racket. This was an arrangement used to somehow pressure high rollers into getting big contracts signed. They may have been government contracts with private companies. What type of contracts were so important that they necessitated call girls/guys to close the deal?

Oh, and by the way--- GRANNY did you and Todd report income from procurement operations on your federal and state tax forms? It's the patriotic thing to do- ya' know.

B said...

Shailey has received only some, not all, of her items the police seized.