Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Levi Doesn't Need a DNA Test to Know Tripp is His Son

Tripp's birthday has come and gone. Yesterday was not his real birthday.  Tripp turned three maybe three weeks ago, according to clues in his father's memoir "Deer in the Headlights".  I can't give you an exact date, not yet, but it wasn't December 27 any more than Trig Palin's birthday is April 18 (and we know that isn't true).

Now that that cute little son of Levi is a three year old boy, it's time to stop calling him a baby. It's past time for giving up the pacifier. And any day when there's love and hugs for him is a good day for cake and presents (hang in there, Johnstons!).  I have a present for him today. Actually, it's a gift to both  Tripp and Levi - a set of pictures showing how much one looks like the other.

For three years now, there have been suggestions that Tripp isn't Levi's son. Some say Levi should have a DNA test done. But when I see pictures of Tripp and compare them to pictures of baby or toddler Levi Johnston, I have good reason to believe Levi's genetic makeup would be confirmed by that test. Why waste the money? Why insult your son by sending his spit or his blonde locks to a lab? Levi, Sherrie, Keith, and Sadie don't need and don't want a DNA test.

For the rest of us who don't live in Wasilla,  I'm posting pictures below of Tripp and his dad so that you can see what Bristol must also see - Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston looks every bit like he is Levi Johnston's biological son. Those cute chubby cheeks that are often compared to Chuck Heath's jowls are also on baby Levi in the picture below. Those are not from the Heath clan. Let's stop giving Chuck/Sarah/Bristol credit for them and let's let this little boy know he's a Johnston. He has his daddy to thank for his good looks.

The top photo ran in In Touch Magazine, and that's an inappropriately dressed up Bristol playing "the busy single teen mom" and washing baby Tripp for the cameras in exchange for what I presume was an obscene amount of cash.

The center photo is from Levi's memoir "Deer in the Headlights" and shows he and his father Keith.  That's a fishing pole in his hand. (Sorry for the poor quality; it's much better in the book.)

The photo at the bottom was taken on Mercede's 19th birthday, December 22, 2010.

The value intended by this posting is to muffle the distraction of the paternity question so that it does not consume energy that could be directed toward Babygate and holding Sarah Palin accountable for her misleading American voters.

A very happy unbirthday to us all!


B said...

Dec. 22, 2010. So when Bristol reneged on Tripp seeing the Johnstons on Dec. 27, 2011 it had been a little over a year since they were together.

Tripp is Levi's son. Why won't Levi be Tripp's dad? I know the Palins make it hard, but that situation is what the courts are for. What gives?

Thanks for this post and the middle picture. I remember the Disney song and most of its words: "A very merry unbirthday to you," too!

Allison said...

Ah, yes, that's where I got the unbirthday phrase. We've lived through the same eras, B.

It hasn't been a year for Levi seeing Tripp. Mercede exaggerates. Take a look at the comment I posted a few minutes ago on the "Bristol the Christmas Grinch" thread. I'm trying to improve the fact vs fiction ratio of information on this subject.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that it's possible Bristol may have just gotten of work. that is something she'd wear to her office. I wouldn't say the clothing is inappropriate.

But yes, Tripp looks like Levi. He does have Heath in him but he does resemble Levi.

Oh and I completely disagree that he was born earlier. Reading DITH and weeding through the countless lies and obfuscations, the only thing that COULD be determined was he was DUE in Jan, and born early.

Anonymous said...

B, The last time Sadie saw Tripp was in Feb 2011.

Anonymous said...

I am going to make a comment about the comment Mercede made about "Tripp and Tripp's" Christmas stocking.
1. If the theory that there are two Tripp's holds water, then there would be 2 Christmas stocking, one for each of the boys.
2. If Mercede saw Tripp on Dec 22 of last year, they WHY would she not give (a single) Tripp his birthday and Christmas presents at that time? I know people are saying the reason that she had two stockings was because she did not have a chance to give him his stocking and presents last year. Yet we have found out (with photo's) that Tripp was visiting Mercede on Dec 22, 2010. Yes, it was a few days before Christmas, and about a week before his "birthday", but knowing how seldom she gets to see Tripp, why didn't she give him his presents at that time? UNLESS there are two Tripp's, as said by Tank Jones (also the long standing rumor that "there was a Tripp before Trig, then a Tripp".)
So why are there presents and a stocking for Tripp from last year, if she saw him just days before Christmas last year? UNLESS there are two Tripps and she only saw one of the two Tripps to give presents too....

AKRNHSNC said...

Anonymous @ 10:52 Bristol did not just get off work, she was dressed for a photo op for a magazine article about the kids. Personnel in physicians' offices wear scrubs, especially receptionists. Bristol was NEVER the office manager. I've done administrative work for a group of physicians and it's quite involved. A medical background is REQUIRED. Just ask Bristol, the alleged manager, how she implemented all the OSHA requirements for their office as that would be a duty of an office manager. You're gullible if you believe that at 18 years of age, Bristol walked into a plastic surgeon's office and became the manager.

Allison, I think it's quite possible that Mercedes and her mother have not seen Tripp in over a year. Yes, Levi has seen him, but Bristol is such a bitch and so jealous of anything that Mercedes does that she keeps Tripp from knowing the love of his grandmother and aunt. She's playing with fire because there is plenty of information on the internet to refute the nonsense she's spewed about the Johnston family. Sherry ought to sue for visitation rights. As a grandmother, she'd be entitled to see her grandson.

Bristol saw her mother boss her father around for years, that's the only example she has to follow and that's why it's quite obvious who is telling the truth in this situation and it's not one of the Palin's.

AKRNHSNC said...


Those pictures are great. I didn't read DITH so I hadn't seen the pic of Levi & his father. Tripp is the absolute picture of his father, no doubt about it. They look identical.

N'yah said...

Hi Allison, first time posting but I'm a fan since the day you opened the doors. I am the only one in my mostly black community who gives a hoot about anything Palin related but two aspects of this story just drive me crazy- the whole faked pregnancy of course, and Bitch Girl Bristol's obvious thumbing her nose at the courts which laid out rules for the custody game. Her hypocrisy makes me want to scream. I know she learned to use a small child as a public pawn at the knee of her mother- but girlfriend knows better now, knows she is hurting that little boy for a petty jealous grudge against Sadie and to a slight lesser extent Levi.

She goes on tv to say she doesn't think Levi deserves custody time because he sold photos of Tripp (to pay legal bills) and that was "exploiting" the child. And in the following six mo. Bristol herself sold literally dozens of photos of Tripp for huge payouts. And that is just one example of the glaring hypocrisy. Don't even get me started on "baby daddy date raped me".

DAMN. I am more "over" Bristol than her mother, even! That is how hatefully disgusting she is.

Oh and as to your remark about Sadie exaggerating- I think she can be a bit dramatic as most girls that age can be, but don't think she was exaggerating. If I was referring to a period of over ten months, I would probably refer to it as "a year".

Anyway thanks for the great blog! I loved loved loved your Christmas childhood story, it was engrossing and uplifting.

Oh and Bristol since I know you read here and poop the place with comments defending yourself like on all the Palin blogs- get off your lazy ass and learn how to be a REAL MOTHER, one who has to make sacrifices and co parent for the good of the child.

Anonymous said...

Your blog, your opinion. However, just because a person sees a resemblance in a photo doesn't make it true. These are the Palins we are dealing with. They never tell the truth. If Tripp truly was Levi's then I think Levi would make more of an effort to prove the paternity and be more involved in his son's life. His inactions prove these things to me:
1) Tripp isn't his, he was used and isn't needed anymore.
2) He doesn't really care to be a dad to this kid, so the Palins think they have the right to do what they want as Levi obviously doesn't give a darn.

N'yah said...

Anon ^

Or it proves a third possibility:

Levi tried to play ball with the Palins once and they put his mother in jail on a trumped up charge. Sherry Johnston sold a few of her pills to someone she believed was in the same physical agony she was. And she was made to endure jail time, restrictive home confinement, and humiliating urinalysis observed by corrections employees. The latter being things she is STILL dealing with. Don't you think it's possible Levi has been threatened directly or indirectly- if he pushes back against the Palins, who knows what other issues the Johnstons might find themselves involved with? Think about what the Palins have put Shailey through with their hold on APD! If you think Levi wouldn't find himself on the wrong end of a planted Baggie of cocaine if he ever challenged the Palins- you just don't know them at all.

Not saying it IS what happened. But certainly is as much of a possibility as "Levi doesn't care".

B said...

@Anon 5:09. This is not the only photo we've seen of a young Levi resembling Tripp.

@AKRNHSNC. Unless Alaska is different from most states, grandparents don't have visitation rights and Sherry depends on her son to enforce his rights and let her see his son.

Anonymous said...

A physical resemblance does not make Levi the father. A friend who worked paternity testing told me she learned not to be fooled be a physical resemblance. Some children who looked exactly like their supposed fathers were not related.

AKRNHSNC said...

B @ 6:43 P.M. There is no such thing as legal visitation rights for grandparents but unless you can prove that visiting with the grandparent would harm the child, she has a good case to ask for visitation since the mother in question does not cooperate with the father's rights to see his son. Bristol has made it quite plain for all to see that she doesn't give a damn what the courts say about custody. By taking Tripp out of state whenever she gets the urge to do so and having the nerve to complain while in CA or AZ that Levi doesn't use his visitation rights, she's setting the stage for Levi to come in and get joint custody, NOT visitation. He could easily limit her to Alaska but he's tried to get along with her for the sake of his son. I'm sure they have made claims against him, just look at how they went after Wooten! They'll do anything to have things the way they want but they're at the point where they no longer have the power. I think people were in fear of Sarah running for President although how they could think she had a chance at the nomination, let alone the Presidency, proves they're clueless. Now that she's not in office or threatening to run for office, she no longer has the power to hurt anyone. She's also walked on far too many people without looking back. If these people stick together, she'll crumple along with her gutless husband, running to AZ or wherever she can go without trouble following her.

Anonymous @ 7:08 P.M. We've never been given good reason to not believe that Tripp belongs to Levi. Those pictures are identical and in this case, that likely indicates blood relation more than not. Most people who work with DNA usually don't have pictures to compare along with DNA, lucky you to have such a "convenient friend" to back up your unsubstantiated theory.

AKRNHSNC said...

N'yah--loved the comment about the photos regarding Bristol and the ever present hypocrisy. Remember her talking about how Levi was trying to exploit Tripp by possibly making a reality show? Yet, the bitch was on People's cover a week later, holding Tripp while wearing her cap & gown. She's learned how to "mother" from Sarah which is why she's such a poor excuse for one. It's so much easier on children when parents who aren't together don't put children in the middle. Bristol, of course, has to pretend that things are so tough for her when dealing with Levi despite her disobeying court orders from day one. I can't wait until the day comes when a judge tears her ass apart in court. It can't happen too soon or to a more deserving bitch.

Anonymous said...

Here's a pic of Levi as a toddler: (scroll down the pg)

Anonymous said...

AKRNHSNC - I've worked in quite a few medical offices (front office) and nobody wears scrubs except the MA's.

B said...

Thanks for the corrections to all of you. I had read (at IM?) that it had been two years since the Johnstons saw Tripp. Based on the picture Allison posted I knew it couldn't have been more than a year and a few days. The Johnstons must have said they hadn't seen Tripp *on Christmas Day* in two years.

FWIW, where I live, medical staff do wear scrubs, even if they function as receptionists. But this post is not about Bristol's employment.

Anonymous, you said one photo didn't prove anything. I was just pointing out we've seen several photos of young Levi resembling Tripp. Not proof, but still no cause to doubt Levi's paternity.

And AKRNHSNC, I think we agree about the visitation issue. Bottom line is it is Levi's job to get it enforced. I think a court would tell Sherry to talk to Levi first. And the drug conviction might get in Sherry's way.

A heart-breaking part of the Palin family values hypocrisy is their petty fixation on keeping little kids from relatives who would give them unconditional love and attention. MeAgain told us Todd loves Trig and wants to be his caregiver but Sarah won't let him, and won't let Trig live with him, purely out of spite.

Anonymous said...

Mercede just said in her facebook excerpt posted on IM that she had not seen Tripp for two years, yet here is a photo of her with him a little over a year ago. Lots of misinformation comes from both the Palins and Johnstons.

carrie said...

The misinformation was Gryphen's fault. He didn't post Mercedes whole FB comment. SHE says that she hasn't seen Tripp for one year. Gryphen wrote that it has been almost 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Why blame Levi if he is not ready to be a dad? Not all guys his age are ready for the rigors of parenthood. Sure Tripp is a cute little guy, but he also comes attached to a mother that Levi might not ever want to see again. I've known some men that have personally walked away from parenthood but always upheld the financial burden, merely because they want to distance themselves from the mother; both the baby and the relationship that begat the baby were a mistake, but men can still be responsible financially without having to participate. They were willing to pay for the child but not be involved. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes personal sanity comes from just moving on. It seems to me that Mercede is the one that is more concerned with Tripp than Levi is.

Allison said...

There were four comments - old ones, the most recent was Dec 6 - caught by the spam filter. I published them and i want the four readers whose comments were held up to know it wasn't intentional. Actually, it's a mystery with a couple of them because it was clear there was a back and forth discussion going on.

I appreciate you all for making this a lively, repectful and challenging community.

N'yah, it's great to hear from you!

And all the rest of you, thanks again. New post coming tomorrow, so come back soon.

B said...

@Anonymous 6:05.
"Nothing wrong with" Levi paying his child support and staying out of Tripp's life? Tripp deserves to have a second parent, even if Bristol doesn't want to share. Levi himself says they were trying to get pregnant. That decision contained others, e.g., deciding to be a dad.

Allison said...

New comment left on "Fun with Pictures..." post by Cracklin' Charlie. It's a thread that's getting old, so I'm letting readers know that CC has some interesting questions and observations you might want to check out.

Follow the link on the right side or cut and paste the address below into your browser:

conscious at last said...


Yes, those are great comments from Cracklin' Charlie-- I've continued the discussion over there.

Anonymous said...

It's been said before, but if Keith Johnston is the father of Tripp, then the two boys (Levi & Tripp) would resemble each other as brothers.

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Fat Bastardo said...

Republican Values Create Juvenile Delinquents

Bristol, like her mother has made a career out of being a tramp. Sarah cheated on Todd. Bristol probably cheated on Levi. Like mother like daughter.