Sunday, January 15, 2012

Levi Johnston Blurts Out Truth

September 20, 2011, the day Levi Johnston's book "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs" came out, he talked with two ladies on the WPIX Morning News in New York City.  It wasn't his best interview, he wasn't quite as pumped as he was in some later interviews with better known personalities on other networks and other shows.

Maybe he was still on Alaska time. Or maybe this was his first book tour interview and his script wasn't perfected. Pick any reason you like for Levi once again blurting out something we need to remember.  He said he intentionally didn't put some "stuff" in DITH.  So much for this promised tell-all.

The moment happened quickly two minutes into his appearance. The interviewers were friendly, and they were joking comfortably with him.  Levi didn't have his guard up, nor did he need to. He wasn't being grilled nor did they show any sign of doubting what he'd written.

After a couple minutes, one of them - a pretty young interviewer with dark hair - pointed out that his version of the sexual relationship he had with Bristol differed from the one his former fiance presented in her memoir "Not Afraid of Life." A simple question followed. She wanted to know if he hesitated before deciding to go ahead and reveal the "steamy stuff" i.e. he and Bristol having sex for a long time, contradicting the time frame Bristol had given.

If Levi were a quick thinker, he might have said, "No, I was out to tell the truth and that's what I did."

No one has ever accused Levi of quick thinking. This is an example why that isn't going to change.

If Levi were well coached (by Tank who likes his client to appear chivalrous), he could have said, "You know, yeah, I tried to find a way around that. I don't like to kiss and tell. But in the end, I had to tell the truth. I couldn't lie."

The latter answer would have been slick because any sharp interviewer would have followed up by pointing out that Levi is on record as a liar, which of course would be playing right into his hands (if he and his team were so clever.)  If I'd prepped Levi for the interview, the script would have continued with something like this:

Like I say in the book, one of the worse things I've gone through was when Bristol and I got back together and I looked like a fool with that apology coming out to Sarah that, you know, I didn't write, but you got to read the book to find out what really happened.  So you see, I knew if I lied about that - the sex -  then I would have become that liar the Palins want people to believe I am.  But I'm not. So I put everything in the book. Steamy stuff and all. 'Cause that's what really happened.

Of course that isn't what Levi said.  Not even close. Because the 21 year-old "author" didn't have his guard up.  And he isn't a good liar, though sometimes he tries. Here's what he said:

"Well, th..there's you know, there's a lot of stuff in the book that I..I didn't put in the book for, for reasons that I didn't,  I didn't want it in there yet..." [interviewing hosts can be heard reacting to this and they make it more difficult to hear clearly what else  Levi says ] "I got to save, I got to save some stuff for book two, same s*** (?)  happens..."

Having read the book, that is no big news to me.  Nor should it be to anyone regularly reading this blog.  It's been a repeated theme of mine on this blog. (If you are going to check out the archives, don't miss the very first post "Allison's Own Thoughts..." and other Levi-related posts linked here and here.  Browse around the archived posts that most interest you, and have fun).

That word Levi used that starts with "s" is not clear to me and he may have said something I didn't get at all. I need your help, so I'm linking below to the interview,  where this portion begins two minutes into it, and lasts only 30 seconds or so. It's difficult to get exactly what Levi says because the hosts weren't expecting Levi's "news" that there is anything more (enough for a second book) and they begin to react.  While they are talking, Levi is talking, and he is reacting to their reactions. Whew.

This is what happens when non-Trig Truthers interview Levi. They just don't know when they've been handed a journalistic opportunity that could put them on the front of the National Enquirer if they did their jobs.  (Well, okay, maybe not the front page of the NE, that would be where Levi and Sarah would be, side-by-side in pictures where he looks like a deer in the headlights and she looks like an angry old crone. But they could have at least negotiated for a small inset picture of themselves  accompanying the inside story.)  And what a story it could have been. Levi Johnston threatening to write a second book exposing Bristol Palin's darkest secrets...

Say what? Whose secrets?

Bristol's!  The train of questioning was, did Levi have any reservations about talking about his sexual history with Bristol.  His unrehearsed (immediate) reaction was that he had held some stuff back. Trig Truthers who are in the Bristol-as-Trig's-Bio-Mom camp should accept that pretty easily.  I accept it easily because, as I've written before, in DITH there are passages that sound as if Levi claimed Trig as his own child before editing took out supporting story lines.  "My special boy," he calls Trig. In another place he says he thought he should have been invited to Trig's birthday party more than a year after he and Bristol broke up. Why would that be? Then there's the part about Trig's birth. Way over the top in sentimentality and intimacy to be the story of a mere mullet-headed boyfriend dating the teenaged daughter who is jealous of her mother for having a baby.  So, yeah, I think Trig is Bristol's and Levi's original intentions were to spill it.  When the question came, he heard the part about not putting everything in the book and he blurted out an honest answer without thinking.

He even says there was "a lot of stuff in the book that I" and then he catches himself, stops, stutters, and changes direction oh-so-slightly.  He continues with  the correction, "I didn't put in the book..."

That's exactly what I've theorized. I think it was Trig's true birth story that was "in the [first ghost-written  draft of the] book" before Levi got cold feet and "didn't put in the [final version of the] book."  And let me guess - there it was about 15 pages worth of "stuff." Right, Levi? Fifteen pages of stuff about Bristol, Levi, sex, and babies. Trig is Bristol and Levi's son. Tripp was conceived in February, 2008 and born around Thanksgiving.  All cut from the published version because Levi decided he needed to hold something back to use if "the same s*** happens." Yup, and the Cowan's forgot how many pages shorter the revised version was, and that's.....that's one of my prior posts.

Levi stated unequivocally that he is holding stuff back. No reason to hold small stuff back, Right? So it's big stuff. This is all very interesting for us who think Bristol birthed Trig and that little boy is a Johnston, but that can distract from the bigger moment in this interview. The words hardest to catch are the most revealing.

"...I got to save some stuff for book two, ... same s*** (?)  happens..."

That's what I'm curious about - exactly what the  "s***"  was that he wouldn't want to see happen again. Whatever it is, it's  so terrible that he continues to deny his own son, Trig, in order to keep that *s***" at bay.  

When I heard Levi's interview back in September, I knew there wouldn't be any Trig revelations.  I figured the "s***" he was talking about was the difficulty of seeing Tripp. I figured that in exchange for a wimpy, sell-out story, the Palins would allow the Johnstons to see Tripp around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and some December day when they would have a birthday party. 

When, two weeks after Leiv's PIX interview, Mercede began planning Tripp's Halloween party, I was sure I had it figured out.  I was wrong.

Bristol pulled the plug on Tripp's Halloween time with Levi. A last minute and cruel change of plans. I was surprised. 
Then Thanksgiving, no time for Johnston's in Tripp's holiday. Same with his real birthday, same with Christmas, same with the announced birthday...what happened to the deal Levi made with Sarah?  I've had to re-evaluate it. Here's my updated theory - The Deal With the Quitter is  about Levi's mom, Sherry Johnston. 

Three years after her arrest, December 18, 2008, and two years after she was released from prison and began home confinement, Levi still lives in fear that the Palins can orchestrate a blending of events that would put his mother or some member of his family behind bars. Truthers believe it, too. This theory comes up on anti-Palin blogs whenever the discussion is about Levi not doing more to get to see Tripp. The court order is being ignored by Bristol. There has to be a reason she has the confidence to thumb her nose at the law and at Levi. This may be it. Or this may be one part of a greater "it." 

People leave comments that say compared Mrs. Johnston's long sentence to the light sentence given to Todd Palin's half-sister Diana Palin as evidence that Levi's mom didn't get a fair shake in the court system because it was a way to keep Levi (and family) from spilling Sarah's secrets.  (One of which is the Bristol is Trig's birth mother.)  


A critical piece to understanding Levi's concern for his mom is knowing about Sherry Johnston's health issues. She has endured chronic pain for many years. Levi grew up witnessing his mother's pain and how she dealt with that pain. Having a problem with insurance coverage for her medications was the reason Sadie gave on her blog to explain her mother being lured into selling a few pills (which turned out to be a set up leading to the arrest).

It may well be that to Levi, what's worse than not seeing his son or sons on a daily basis, is seeing Sherry wearing an ankle bracelet and being confined to her home. Levi may very well feel guilty about that. He might feel responsible for the harsh penalty his mom is paying for her own actions. If she weren't his mother, would she have gotten off with a lighter sentence?  Most Babygate followers and Trig Truthers believe so. 

Levi loves his mom. He writes about her being "the Kool-Aid mom" - the one giving the kids snacks and drinks after school. She "knew all the players, would root for me and all my friends even when they were on the opposite team." Poignantly, he talks about his mom attending his games even while in pain.  "I can still see her in my mind, jumping up and down, from back when I was an elementary-school kid - even though she was usually sick." And this one from page 32:

...I was twelve. She was in the hospital and there was a big game.

She had to go.

No, the doc said, you can't.

What if, she bargained, I come back here after the game.

I made sure we won that one.

Levi didn't write this book for himself, not the final version, anyway.

DITH isn't for his son or Trig. Levi Johnston's published version of Deer in the Headlights is for his mother who used to go out even when she was in the worst pain. His mother who couldn't be kept from going where she could cheer for, support, and hug her son. Couldn't be stopped by pain or by hospitalization.  It took the law to confine her to home. It took pink handcuffs, courtesy of Sarah Palin's friend in Arizona. Those cuffs were a not-so-subtle message to the Johnstons that Sarah was involved, Sarah had influence, Sarah was using a third party public entity to handcuff Levi's mom.  And they got the message, you betcha!

If he wanted to write a book for the masculine side of the Johnston clan it would have more truths.  Instead, Levi wrote a wimped-out version supporting Sarah Palin in her Babygate hoax in  hopes that, in return, his mother will be given some peace. 

So, Levi has Trig truths to spill and he's holding them back to keep the Palin machine from crushing his mother, and to some extent, to protect Sadie.   It only makes sense that what he held back is HUGE. 

This is my best guess.  What's yours?


Anonymous said...

This has been my theory all along too. The Palins are holding the Johnstons hostage and they are responsible for Sherry's unreasonable incarceration. When will Sherry have fulfilled her sentence? THAT will be an interesting time!
Will Levi spill the entire true story then? I can imagine the rage he must have since he and his family have been blackmailed all these years.
Tell it all Levi....expose the Palins for the lying, conniving, back-stabbing criminals they are. The truth won't surprise most of us.

Anonymous said...

How long is she suppose to be with that thing on her leg? I though 3 yrs she had to ware that thing.

Anonymous said...

My beef with Levi is, from the end of 09 through a lot of 2010, he basically ignored his family for "fame" and Tank, I think he is the one who ie more lost than ever. This is a boy who went from girl to girl, cheating and hunting and doing anything but school and thinking about the future. he was dating Lanesia for at least a third of 2007 and cheating on her. Lanesia called Levi a liar and a dick. Lanesia and her bff K had major problems over Levi during this time.
This was also the time Johnny and Bristol "liked each other" equally, as oneof Bristol's Juneau friends said.

I don't profess to know Levi but I do know he "wrote" a book that in no way reflects himself accurately. He doesn't even reflect dated events accurately. He couldn't be honest about his rough from the start relationship with Bristol NOR when it started.

According to the Cowans, he and Bristol were at their strongest in late 07 early 08. But then why did they breakup and both date other people when she was in Anchorage? I'm aware the typical high schooler doesn't know what trust is and this couple had trust issues from the start, but that breakup and Bristol's frequent times away from Levi in late 07 don't illustrate HIS story. What girl head over heels for a popular guy doesnt attend school events with him? Doesn't go out in public with him, yet is often seen out with family at sporting events (pic ofMolly, Willow and B arounf Aug/Sept 07), homecoming, trl and the conference, that driving thing in Juneau, at a wedding in Nov, with her cousins at a mall in Dec 07.
Remember, a rumor circulating was that Bristol was being kept from Levi at the wishes of her parents and she rarely saw him. This was also the time that some girl threatened Bristol, a girl who earlier had threatened K for "possibly" liking Levi when Lanesia STILL loved him in 2007.

For the sake of his son, Levi had to paint a good picture, changing who he was and is today.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, no offense Allison, but if Levi were actually keeping Bristol's secrets, she'd kowtow to him more, despite being stronger than him as a person. Obviously if Levi saw Sarah anytime between Sept 07 (doubt it) and April 08, he knows she wasn't pregnant. I personally don't think there's any concrete evidence that suggests he's Trig's father. Bristol had no idea there was a baby at all until March 5th and was merely and passionately confused as any child who just spent a week with her mother in Fairbanks would be.

So, you are half correct. Levi knows Trig isn't Sarah's. Thing is, would anyone believe him? 1. He's got major secrets of his own 2. He's told many lies in the past and Alaskans generally don't think about him as being the pillar of honesty. 3. People love Trig and would probably hate him forever if he outed his story. Levi's never in person acted as if he knows specifics or even acted like he has another child.

I was a little offended that he told such a whopper of a Birth story for Tripp that it was unreadable. There's no way Levi has ever been that proactive in live, except maybe when he's mad. I heard about his temper. Sadie's written about his famous temper.

You have to think. Levi may be maturing and finally with a person he doesn't wish to cheat on, but that was not the case back then. It is not our place to criticize Bristol or Levi for their actions towards each other. We know nothing of their real story or even anything about them as people. Reserve your judgments.

But it bears repeating. If Levi really had major secrets about Bristol, she wouldn't be living like he doesn't exist. Though I don't blame her for living that way. He did wrong her in the biggest possible way. He attacked her family out of selfishness and immaturity. That has to be evident to anyone with a heart and eyes.

LIL said...

Oh shit. ANOTHER book from the king of illiteracy? Damnit. Though I highly doubt he could fill another entire book. Unless he was honest about himself.

Dawn W said...

Anon 1:30, are you 8 and a dropout? Your comment didn't make sense.

While the Cowans are definitely a weird couple, I DOUBT Levi told them anything. HIGHLY doubt. Wouldn't they have let something slip? I mean, they think Levi was in the perfect relationship for gods sake. He told them nothing, which meant nothing was in the book as they wrote it.

Think about it.
One thing I was annoyed at, he wrote things like "Bristol was in Wasilla the whole summer of 07" which is a lie since she was in Dillingham, he got the dates of condo-ownership incorrect which was bizarre. There are TONS of other stupid inaccuracies that didnt have to be. This is a sign of a serial liar. He couldn't even remember how Sarah supposedly addressed Trig. THAT story changed wording and effect.

Lanesia is right. Levi is a liar and a dick.

Sorry dude. My advice: keep growing up, learn something besides hunting, get a respectable job, help your sister grow up and move on and maybe stop pissing people off.

I wish them all luck.

Sk-eptic said...

Thing is, from the beginning, he's never given me any indication Trig is his. He knows how strongly ALL the Palins react to the use of the word "retarded". Why even BS a story like the one he fabricated about his son? I think Levi did sort of admit in his book that he was immature in 09, ie playgirl and his eventually takeback of the "retarded" lie. But after Aug 09, NONE of the Palins nor their extended family wanted anything to do with him again. Part of it was how he treated Trig.

Cmon, Levi literally said, referencing why Bristol would have wanted a baby at 18: "Well, we had Trig and she always wanted one of her own." He meant that, like with all her younger cousins etc, Bristol was obsessed with her new brother (as she described basically and that made Levi closer to Trig just by dating Bristol. The funny part is, Trig was with Sarah from day 1. And when summer got going and Aug arrived, Levi wasn't even around as thats when he started work. So, it kind of boggles the mind when Levi ever really saw Trig. He didn't go to Juneau with the Palins, he didn't go to Philly, there myspace evidence he hung out with his friends and was at the lakehouse in June at some point. And then there's the Johnny myspace messages from Sadie showing Levi to be angry with him still. Levi didn't show signs of gleefilled, impending fatherhood by anyone's accounts. Bristol on the otherhand rarely looked less than thrilled.

Again, show me concrete evidence and I will think about your theories. Just keep in mind, Alaska is a land of false rumors, bad theories and lies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Levi, when you talk faster than speedy gonzalas, we can tell you're being dishonest a bit. "Been together a couple years now?????"

HUH? Lanesia was definitely in love with you a mere YEAR before you knocked up Bristol. You were dating her then, and your ex bff JC was infatuated with Bristol, as was she with him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the picture that he was tlking about Trig at all when referencing another book. They were talking about steamy stuff. Truthfully, how much more can he fabricate without sounding MORE ridiculous? I wanna know what his gang of friends at that time think of the lies.

I think he may be just going with the flow in this interview. Theyre all high energy and just talking. We know Levi will say anything, regardless of accuracy.

I think hes a lost cause when it comes to Trig, for the simple fact that he just doesnt know where he came from.

Anonymous said...

Know what I think about the adopting Tripp story? Sarah emailed Todd in July saying B and L should marry on their anniv. We dont know Todds reaction. just after, later in the month, Sarah attends concert with her sister and Sherry Johnston, probably trying to paint a better picture, considering Bristol hated his family. Levi's original AND current story is that Sarah called Bristol in early August to see about adopting the baby. FTR, I cannot blame her. I personally think Todd confronted Sarah and said "Over my dead body will my daughter marry this jackass." Sarah took this in stride, thought to herself, "hmm if I adopt the baby, they don't have to get married at all and can break up like they have a million times before."

Phone call ensues. Sarah is rebuffed. Levi goes to work. Sarah calls Frank B sobbing blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Allison, this post is super ADD and hard to follow. I don't see what you're talking about in reference to the interview. I don't see a place where Levi lets anything slip. I've never heard him slip up on anything ever, dating back to 09.

I really just wish people would leave this boy alone. These people's personal lives are not our business. We will never have any kind of grasp on their realities or pasts. All WE have is hearsay and lies, most of which contradict.

Let it go.

Anonymous said...

Allison: He's saying "if things get nasty." If you watch it you can see that's what he's mouthing.

Also, there seem to be a ton of troll comments on this thread.

Anonymous said...

I only stop here occasionally but it's really fascinating. It seems that personal friends of the main players are huddled at keyboards trying to outdo one another in their defense (or maybe it's budding soap opera script writers, I don't know).

In any case, it all sounds rather petty. It might be time, Wasilla, to move on to see the world, get a new circle of friends, try some new (legal) experiences, take a course, broaden your horizons. Unless of course, blog commenting is your actual job.

Jennie said...

Thass' a lotta trolls!

AKRNHSNC said...

The trolls are out in full force today attempting to defend the indefensible lying POS Palin family.

Who the hell do you think believes the crap you're trying to spin about Bristol and Levi? NOBODY! She lied her ass off in her book because she's her mother's daughter. What it comes right down to as that although people may not believe Levi, EVERYBODY knows the Palins will LIE about anything & everything.

The comments being made sound like they are straight from Brooklyn who pretends to "know the family" because she reads their FB pages. I'm certain they divulge their innermost thoughts on public web pages, you idiot!

The story about Palin wanting to adopt is definitely in reference to Trig. It would not have made a bit of sense for her to be attempting to adopt another infant in '08 when she wouldn't even take the time to stay home with her special needs child. Levi referenced the story but he was not talking about Tripp. How could Palin protect Bristol from rumors if she adopted an infant in '08? She was being named as a V.P. nominee, ridiculous as it is considering her lack of qualifications, so for her to want to take on the V.P. position with TWO infants is simply unbelievable.

Someone mentions Sarah's running to Frank Bailey in August. She did do that, didn't she? Pretending she just found out when it was actually 3 months after Bristol & Levi told her about the pregnancy. Sarah wrote about it in GR and said it was in May but she used her own daughter's pregnancy to keep an employee in her snare. This woman will sink to depths previously unseen to advance her own ambitions. Look at how she outed her teenage daughter's pregnancy so she could play V.P. nominee. It all came back to bite her because real mothers everywhere were disgusted with her selfish nature. Bristol thinks she's untouchable because she's a Palin, that's why she ignores court orders regarding speaking in a derogatory manner about the other parent. It looks like Shailey Tripp is going to bring them down to earth with a bang as her book comes out and she takes them to court for lying & manipulating the APD.

Run along, trolls, you're being laughed at along with the Palin family that you try so hard to defend. They'd no sooner step on you than acknowledge you. You're NOTHING to them but a means of PAC dollars to pay for their vacations or whatever they choose to help themself to. Sarah will never run for elected office again, too many nasty skeletons in that family's closet and they won't stay hidden forever.

Shoo! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Ivyfree said...

It is a lot, right? It always reassures me we're on the right track when a bunch of trolls show up insisting that Allison has it all wrong. And what's with this "if Levi had anything on Bristol she'd kowtow to him more" nonsense? The whole world knows that Bristols a slut- her mother advertised it from the stage of the RNC. That's ALL Levi can have on her: we already know about the drinking, the drugs, the attitude, the stupidity, the hostility, the lack of talent and personality- she let the whole world know that with her alleged acting career. There's the minor detail of whether Bristol gave birth to Trig, but really, what's surprising about a girl with one illicit pregnancy having one or two more? Especially when she's not very bright?

No: the issue is that Sherri can be put back in jail and parted from the medications that make life bearable for her. They can even trump up other charges and possibly trap her again. She's a hostage to Sarah Palin for Levi's good behavior. Because what we do know about Sarah, what so many people have said about her and what Troopergate taught us and the Tucson shooting reinforced, is that Sarah Palin never lets go of a grudge. She's a hostile, vindictive, reactive person who will do something to retaliate whenever she feels she's been wronged- even when she hasn't been- and even when reacting makes her look bad.

Gods, I was thinking "Sarah's so childish" and then that reminded me of that old Twilight Zone episode from the 60s- the one about the little boy who had the ability to make his wishes come true, and how terrorized his parents and town were because if he got angry with them, bad things happened. Sarah is the Twilight Zone come to life in Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how whenever Allison posts about Bristol and Levi she brings out the carpetbomber troll who throws out all sorts of crumbs that all lead in different directions that you just have to stop and say "WHAT THE F+*+?"!! Whenever they start dragging out Lanesia and listing each and every time Bristol was seen out of the house between '07 and '08 followed by an admonishment to stop obsessing over the Palins' private lives I want to reach my hand through the screen and grab the stupid troll by the hair and smack some f*+^$@ sense into her. Get a LIFE! Shoo, troll, shoo. <>

nancydrew said...

This post actually needs a tweet I'd say. I'm off to do just that. Yes, the silly things can come in handy. Think I'll get tweet bombed? I'll let y'all know if that happens.

Allison, this post is chock-a-block. :) Excellent. Even your average bear should be able to grasp the gist. Add this to the release of 'Game Change', the movie, and maybe the Palins (all of them) will have to fold and leave the table.

Allison said...

Troll comments reinforce that we are hitting a nerve. Besides that, they entertain some of us.

On the other hand, they can get annoyingly repetitive.

For anyone who doesn't want to read Troll comments, maybe you can try this: When a comment begins by saying Levi is a liar or brings in Lanesia , stop reading and skip the next three comments. Our Troll regurgitates the same old stuff. I've never mentioned Lanesia, but Cluster Troll is stuck in 2007 and/or has a personal grudge going. At any rate, Cluster Troll comments in groups of three or more, so if you aren't in the mood for that, skip three and join back in.

Allison said...

ANON@ 9:08 You are right! Lipreading 101:

"If things get nasty."

That's the reason Levi says he's holding back some things. I guess not seeing Tripp isn't nasty enough to spill the truth yet. I'm still thinking it's about the power of the Palins to use the police to make life miserable for the Johnstons, Sherry in particular.


Allison said...

@nancydrew thanks for the kind words and the additional support through Twitter.

I agree, Game Change is going to be a MUST SEE,.

Also, Shailey Tripp's book is going to be a MUST READ.

I predict Sarah is in for a very uncomfortable 2012.

Cracklin' Charlie said...

6:29 troll,

How can you begin to tell people to reserve judgement, when you wrote several paragraphs judging Levi?

And are you admitting that Levi has a story to tell about Trig? Why would Levi telling the truth about Trig's parentage make people hate him? Has he admitted being Trig's father when he was not "in person"? Although, I don't understand how a person could be "in person" or not "in person".

And as for attacking the Palin seems that there are victims in both the Palin and Johnston families. Levi's mother was arrested (possible set-up), and put on house arrest for three years for selling a very few prescription tablets. Bristol's family has badmouthed Levi for three years. Is he not allowed to defend himself against these attacks? I think the young man has conducted himself quite admirably in the face of such attacks. He has been much kinder than I would have been. I have never heard him disrespect the mother of his child/children. He seems an extremely honorable guy for someone his age.

AKRNHSNC said...

Well said, Cracklin' Charlie! Levi did not sink to the depths that Bristol did in her fairy tale about her life. He could have trashed her but he wouldn't do that to his son, where Bristol had no problem lying and creating this mythical bad guy. If he was so bad, Bristol, why the hell did you keep running back to him or are you telling us that you're desperate and stupid to the point where you'll put up with this allegedly horrible behavior of Levi's just to keep a man in your life?

Betsy S said...

Bristol and Levi are parents to Ruffles and Tripp. Ruffles was a deformed FAS baby and probably didn't make it, but Trigg (wittily named for his condition) was a suitable prop for Sarah, who profited hugely from the prolife vote, and was most likely adopted through the church connection, whose files unaccountably burned up a few months later.